Yes. Before I seal every step I send you a picture via email. When I get your OK I will go on with painting. Please note: I do not remove parts which are already fixed.
Please send your doll head always with insurance. I am not responsible for lost packages.
For sending the package to you back I only use your wrapping materials. A face mask would be great but is not necessary. I will send your doll head as safe as possible back to you.
Please do not forget some eyes for your doll and the presentation ;)
I am opening slots in the beginning of each month. Because I only do a certain amount of face ups in the month the slots may be full quickly. A slot is available if you can buy it. Otherwise there will be a notice that you can not buy a slot.
You can subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know when slots are open - before all my other social platforms know.
No, I don't take reservations for my slots. Everybody should get the same chance to buy a slot - without exceptions, sorry!
I am against Recasts (ilegale copy of a doll) and do not do face ups on them. Do not ask me about exceptions - they do not exist.
If someone sends me a Recast doll head anyway, I will block him for future commissions, send the doll head back to him and ask for the half of the payment for effort and work.
No. Each month I create new customs with a special theme which can be bought in my etsy store. I love customising new dolls because I have so much freedom in creating them. If you want a Pullip from me please order a face up.
No. I am only working with brushes so I can't blush bigger areas. I can make exceptions for smaller areas and manicure. Please ask me about it before buying a face up slot. We will talk about everything via email. Prices are complied to work and areas.

Care guide

A face up can be beautiful for many years. But therefore you have to keep some things in mind.

1) Avoid your doll from the sund and light

It is normal process that plastic will yellowing gradually. The same with the sealer and the face up. But you can slow this process by protecting it for light/the sun.

2) No oil or acetone based products

Oil or acetone based products are tabu. They will damage not only the doll itself but also the face up.

3) Use cotton gloves

Really? Yes. But why? It is very simple: Your hands are daily grabbing various things and are greasy yby nature (that is good for us but not for you doll). With every single change of eyes and wigs we automatically touch our doll. The face will lost its glow after some time.
I am always using cotton gloves for my face ups and my dolls. They are cheap and a good and easy way to prevent dirt from your doll.

4) No sharp objects

That is easy: Every object that is sharp enough to scratch your doll/dolls face is tabu (and that could even be your fingernail).

5) Magic Eraser

This little magic sponge is a life-saver for each homewife or doll collector.
If your doll gets dirty you can use the magic eraser to remove it. It is like very fine sandpaper. Use it gentle and not to powerful. Otherwise you can remove some parts of the face up.