Kitsune Mask (Fox)

Kitsune Mask (Fox)
Kitsune Mask (Fox) Kitsune Mask (Fox) Kitsune Mask (Fox)
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This detailed japanese Kitsune mask made by Cherrymaou is made from recycled PLA plastic and is handpainted with high-quality paint.
The fan fits perfectly on a kimono or yukata outfit. Depending on the size of the mask and your doll head, the mask can be worn decorative on the doll head or on the face with a cord/string.


The Kitsune mask is in different sizes available.

Size (incl. ears): 
Grand - 7,8  x  5,6  x  3,4 cm
Medium - 6,2  x  4,5  x  2,8 cm
Small -  3,9  x  2,8  x  1,8 cm


Please note that the colors may differ from the original product due to monitor settings and handpainting. This purchase only includes one mask.