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Face up Service
Face up Service Face up Service Face up Service Face up Service Face up Service
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Shipping time: 6-8 Weeks

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Are you looking for a face up for your dolls? If you like my style, I would be happy if I could make one for you ^ __ ^

Important note: with the purchase of this item you order a face up (painting) for your doll and not a complete doll/doll head. The pictures are only examples of previous work. For a face up your doll head has to sent to me (the shipping costs are paid by the customer).

Each face up need 1-4 weeks until completion depending on complexity and special requests. During this period you will receive intermediate steps of the face up via email from me. Only when I get your OK I will continue. Changes will be done at any time. However, I do not remove already fixed spots if I have already received your OK for this. Therefore, please enter your ideas and wishes as accurately as possible; sample images are great too. I do not copy face ups and i'm not painting recast dolls.

You can ask me about anything before ordering a face up. Especially for a certain type of face up. I have my own style which will flow into every face up. Please note: huge or complex tattoos will cost extra and have to come to an agreement with me.

Shortly after your order I will contact you via email. There, you can tell me your face up wishes. Please do not send out the doll head until I contact you.

When ordering a face ups with no options, I assume that the head will come blank and clean to me. If not I will take a € 10 fee for removing/cleaning.

I don't take commissions for modding/carving works on BJDs or Pullips, sorry!

- Doll size
- Removing old face up
- Eyelashes (see "Variety of eyelashes")

Fashion Dolls (f.e. Monster High, Disney)
Removing the face up is included in the listed price and must not be added in the options. For eyelashes there is no additional option because they will be painted.

Depending on doll type I have several eyelashes you can choose from (see pics below). For BJDs I use shorter eyelashes than for Pullips. You can choose between Black, Brown and White. For Groove Dolls I have fuller and longer eyelashes. Please choose the eyelashes for your doll type.
If you do not want eyelashes from me, but you have your own, you do nott have to use the option. You can send them easily with your doll head and i will glue them for free.

Groove Dolls

Customer reviews:

Author:  Renee S. am 27/10/2018
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!


I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the service. Communication was wonderful: mikiyochii was sweet and prompt in all of her messages. She listened to every single request I had for the face-up and made sure I approved of every step before she continued working. She was also fast with her work as it took only a month or so before the head arrived back at my place. The end-product was exactly what I wanted and I can't thank her enough for it!

Author:  Tom Davy A. am 31/08/2018
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!


I was very happy receiving my Pullips from Mikiyochii. They looked wonderful, exactly as I was hoping for. During the whole process she sent me photos and asked me if I was pleased by the result. She is very gentle and easy to work with, a lovely person. I asked for super adorable dolls, and that's what I got, and I'm so happy having those pretty dolls on my shelf, making me smile every day :)
Thank you very much Mikiyochii, I look forward to my next commission.
Tom D.A.

Author:  Mlanie L. am 31/07/2018
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!


I was lucky to have a place. a super communication by email. she makes many preview. very nice. pleasant exchanges. a fine and sublime work. I am happy. a unique and perfect job.

Author:  Anne-Sophie C. am 18/09/2017
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!


I randomly heard about Mikiyochii's work when I was looking for some artists specialized in doll custom. And now it's the third time I ordered a face-up from her... and I'm not deceived! Mikiyochii works very well! Her face-up are very sweet and well done... in other words I like it and I highly recommend her if you're looking for someone to personnalize your doll!

J'ai connu le travail de Mikiyochii un peu par hasard alors que j'tais la recherche d'artiste pour customiser des dolls. Au final c'est dj la troisime fois que je commande un maquillage et je n'ai jamais t due! Mikiyochii fait de l'excellent travail! Ses make-up sont doux, trs soigns... bref, j'aime et je recommande vivement si vous cherchez une personne pour personnaliser votre doll!

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