Sell on Mikiyochii

Are you an artist or simply creative with your hands?
Do you create doll accessories with passion, such as clothes, accessories, eyes or wigs?

I am always looking for new artists who want to create and sell high quality doll accessories.
I am happy to look for people who would like to cooperate with me on a long-term basis, but "lone artists" are also welcome ;-)

What exactly am I looking for?
Doll accessories for BJDs (in various sizes, also special sizes are welcome), Pullip/Blythes and similar dolls.
This includes clothing, shoes, eyes/eye chips, wigs, (transport) bags and other accessories.
Artistdolls/Fashion Dolls I would also include in my shop by arrangement.

What do I expect from you?
Important: I refuse any cooperation with Recast owners from the outset!
I am a doll collector myself and would primarily like to have accessories in my shop that I can resell with a clear conscience, maybe even use myself. Quality is absolutely in the foreground, e.g. clean seams on clothes. And of course all things should be made by you.
I am happy if you bring your own style. Do you prefer to make casual clothes? Maybe even just socks? No matter! As long as it looks good and is well made, I would be happy if we could work together.
Single pieces are fine, but I'm also happy about several pieces of one kind. I think everybody has his preferences.

Exclusive collaborations with artists?
You are already an active artist and also have your own shop (e.g. Etsy)? That is no problem for me.
I already work successfully with Cherry Maou and Lullaby for Dolls (both from France) and would be happy to add more well-known artists to my shop.

Which advantage do you get to sell on my website?
No fees, no sales stress. Therefore advertising for you. You set the price you would like me to offer you. In the end, of course, it has to be worth it for me, too, so we should meet each other halfway. I buy the articles from you in advance and you send everything to me. I will take care of everything else afterwards.

What do I need from you?
First of all, a small portfolio with some information about yourself and your previous work would be helpful (please wear it on a doll), Instagram or Facebook are completely sufficient for me.
Please note that I'm relatively picky and value high-quality accessories. Therefore I reserve the right to reject your request/portfolio if I don't see any potential for it on my website. This is of course not meant as a bad thing, but also serves my own financial security.

Interested? Then simply send me a short e-mail to:

At the moment I only accept requests from Germany and the EU, please excuse me!